Thirsty Thursday- IPA

I found a cool recipe for adding mixers to beer so I thought I would try it out.  This one calls for an IPA, campari and fresh orange juice.  I chose a Westbrook IPA because it is a local South Carolina brewery and it brews great beers.  I had never had campari before this and it taste almost like grapefruit, so it complimented the IPA perfectly.  This is without a doubt the perfect drink for some summer front porch happy hour sittin!  The instructions are pretty simple…

Take a big gulp.

Add equal parts campari and fresh orange juice; so I did a shot glass of each.

Poor into the beer and enjoy!


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  1. Honestly I think I’d rather pour the beer and the spirits over ice, as the mouth of the glass will allow for a better aromatic experience of the drink, but I love the idea of campari + ipa.

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