Formaggio Please?

When I think of gifts that people receive upon the return of friends and family when they travel I think of the ridiculous shirt that says “When my sister went to Florida all I got was this stupid T-shirt.”  It’s weird that I think this because I have never actually seen anyone wearing this shirt.  I’ve only seen it in touristy shops.  Luckily when my sister and future brother-in-law went to Italy I didn’t get a silly t-shirt I got the greatest gift ever…cheese.  They bought me a pecorino romano with black truffle flakes (please tell me you’re drooling).  So rich and slaty and literally perfect.  They raised the stakes pretty high for souvenir gifts.

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  1. I remember this cheese fondly… It screamed your name as soon as your sister and I tried it. Glad you liked it too!

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