The Ginger Has Come To Town


Christmas is basically here. Everyone should be preparing for their guest and thinking about the food they will be serving. Presents should be bought, though that doesn’t mean they have been. If you are like my sister, and me, we have yet to buy the gifts.

Though the gifts may not be bought the menu has been planned. I’m one of those hosts who loves to have some little nibble baked good sitting around that’s perfect to go with coffee, as a late night snack, or in the afternoon. Like I mentioned before my taste buds transitioned from pumpkin to gingerbread so this recipe is none other than gingerbread. This recipe calls for orange zest, which adds a subtle crisp flavor to it. I love a good cream cheese frosting, and this is a good cream cheese frosting but with that said the gingerbread is so good I find myself enjoying it without the frosting. I’ll let that be your decision to frost or not to frost.

Orange gingerbread with cream cheese frosting






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