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This past weekend was my sister’s birthday, which brought the birthday count to four for the month of February alone.  February is not about Valentine’s day its about birthday’s, or at least those are the cards that Hallmark is making a profit off of from me.  One perk of all the birthdays is it give me an excuse to head into the kitchen to bake.  And not just bake but to bake things I wouldn’t normally think to bake. When I sat down to think of what to make for Kara, I decided to shy away to the tycical favorite dessert of her’s such as crème brûlée or a fruit tart and go for the old favorite eclair.

I’ve made cream puffs before which is the same batter mixture, so I wasn’t intimidated by these delightful pastries.  From this time baking I decided to stop living in denial and believe that the altitude is affecting my results.  I’ve found things to be a bit dryer, cook quicker and not rise as well.  Luckily the only one I saw that effected the eclair was the rising part.  Some puffed up but some not too much, but fortunately though it might have not look as fluffy and delicate as it should have, but it tasted like cloud.  A chocolate, covered, cream filled heavenly cloud that is.

Eclair recipe

Pate a Choux







Cream filling for eclairs










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