We All Scream for Pumpkin

A post I did for the Equator!

The season of the pumpkin is well underway and I would assume by now you have had your fair share of pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin bread, and maybe even a pumpkin whoopie pie…or two.

Whatever your vice of choice, our pumpkin flavored cravings are so strong that come October, it almost seems sacrilegious to say you don’t like pumpkin foods and drinks. And, since pumpkins are said to have originated in North America, it makes sense that we feel this way. However while we hold the pumpkin near and dear to our hearts, we can’t call it our own; all around the world, other countries have adopted the pumpkin and given it their own special twist.

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Kara Whoopie Pie_MG_8581

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