We Try Cool Things – Adult Ballet

A few weeks ago my friend Ali and I decided we wanted to try out ballet—yes, this was a pretty random thought. With our new excitement for this art, we found a class that was perfect for us… Absolute Beginner Adult ballet.

On a Monday night we ventured over to the Denver Dance Center and bravely walked in. We anxiously waited for the advanced class before to end and then made our way to the bar. The class went over lots of different steps and repetitions. Within two moves my quads were burning and I thought to myself, why am I doing this? We did lots of bar work, then moves without the bar, and then ended with doing turns and leaps across the room. It is fair to be laughing at this point as you are reading because as the class advanced we also had a hard time taking ourselves seriously. When I was attempting my leaps to What A Feeling from Flash Dance played by a piano I could barely keep from bursting from laughing; partially because of the song and the other half because I couldn’t remember the steps we had just been taught.

All in all we really enjoyed this “cool new thing” we tried but we might need to retire.


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