It’s Sprinkling Not Showering

I am at the age where my friends are having babies. I am also at the age where I finally had to buy a tv so I feel like I have been adulting very hard lately—scary.

This was a sprinkle not a baby shower because it is for the third baby. I was so excited to make the cake because of this is sprinkle factor; fun idea for decorating. I was also so excited because I learn so much with each cake I make and this was an excuse to bake. I made a a white cake with classic buttercream frosting but wanted a bit more flavor so added fig jam in between the layers. The cake was so adorable and  tasted awesome. It was simple but fluffy and with a bit of different sweetness with the fig. Baking cakes I have learned is a much more simple process than you think if you plan ahead. Below is my step by step guide for making a decorative cake:

Four days out – Bake cake and freeze! I do this in advance so I am ready to go but also so if anything goes wrong I have time to come up with a back up plan.

Night before crumb coat– Put cakes in fridge to defrost.

Day before – Crumb coat, then fridge for an hour, then final coat. Sometimes I actually do the crumb coat a day before the final coat but because this one had colored frosting I didn’t want to have to make another batch that might not match so I did it all in one night.

Morning of party– Finish decorating cake! Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t have to panic! For these sprinkles I had to individually press them on which took longer than planned. Always give yourself more time, this is your masterpiece you don’t want to have to rush it!

White cake recipe

Buttercream frosting recipe






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