Steaming in the New Year

The Chinese New Year is less than a week away, what do you have planned? If the answer was nothing I am ashamed (just kidding), but also happy because I have planned your evening for you! It is an evening in the kitchen with these cuties. I had feared making steamed dumplings because I don’t have a bamboo steamer. Well I will not fear the steamed dumplings anymore because I used my metal steamer and I successful made amazing shrimp shu mai! This recipe is simple because there aren’t many ingredients or steps and second because since the shu mai isn’t a closed dumpling it was a very quick fill and squeeze the top process.

We will leave the Monkey behind and welcome the Rooster with these dumplings! Now get steaming!!

Recipe for Shrimp Shu Mai

I don’t want to read your post what should I know?

  • Chinese New Year is on Saturday, January 28th
  • This is an easy dumpling recipe because it doesn’t close fully and only three steps
  • 2017 is the year of the Rooster
  • These shrimp shu mai are awesome!

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