A Perfect Day in Old Havana

A vacation is a vacation for a  reason right? It is a time where you leave your regular life and let go from every day worries. That is what de did on day two in Cuba. This is part of the reason why I loved Cuba because you had the ability to have a cultural experience as well as relaxing time caribbean beaches—or in our case on day two we enjoyed the rooftop pool. This was our official day as a group of 15 so we set out and hit the town. Yes you heard that right, for our time in Havana we were a group of 15! We spent the day moseying around Old Havana and playing tour guide/fact giver with the knowledge we had learned the day before. After a morning of touring and lunch it was decided the rooftop pool was needed. Hotel Saratoga has a beautiful rooftop pool with an incredible view of the city that is free to use and a big perk for my group….wifi!! We drank a few beers, people were able to post their photos on Instagram, and we relaxed. Through beers, mojitos, and chats the afternoon left us and we watched a beautiful sunset.

We ate dinner in Old Havana at El Dandy and got pulled pork and chicken tacos. OH MY GOSH, these were freakin awesome. These were the talk of the trip. The meat was so soft and rich with flavor but the real show stopper was the hot sauce. It seemed to me like a tomatillo based hot sauce but we are still debating to this day what was in it. It was fresh with a kick and really stepped up El Dandy’s taco game.

This was our night to go to the infamous La Fabrica de Arte Cubano which is outside of Vedado where we were staying and away from Old Havana. FAC for short is an old oil factory transformed into an art gallery/bar/club. We were told to go early because the line can be long so we showed up at around 10 pm and there were about 20 people ahead of us and we were in, in about 10 minutes. You get a drink ticket and then cash out when you leave. We drank mojitos and looked for the club. We stayed for a few hours and probably one too many drinks enjoying the Beetle movie exhibit and the back balcony after looking through the local Cuban artwork. We couldn’t find the club which was very confusing to our group but it was decided that we needed to head home and that we needed pizza. We learned the next day the club just wasn’t open yet—#fail

I don’t want to read your post what should I know?

  • Spend at least half a day aimlessly exploring Old Havana
  • Enjoy the free rooftop pool at Hotel Saratoga –Wifi spot
  • Eat the tacos at El Dandy and don’t miss the hot sauce
  • Go to FAC at night, and stay till close to experience all the rooms








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