Sonoma for 48 Hours in the Rain? Sure Why Not!

In December I fell victim to pure pressure and FOMO and as a result of these emotions I booked a weekend trip to Sonoma. My friend had a beautiful rental through Inspirato for a week and I couldn’t take off work so I only had the weekend. Our itinerary was to land in SFO at 12:30 am and leave Sonoma at 3:30 am. You only regret the trips you didn’t take right?

Saturday we stopped at Russian River Brewing company on the way to Sonoma. Due to rain we only waited probably five minutes to get in versus the eight hours we and heard some eager fans wait. The beer was great and the place was packed!

We arrived at the house later that day and enjoyed the hot tub before heading to dinner at The Girl and the Fig. The next day was our big winery tour day. We woke to the worst storm Sonoma had seen in 10 years and flash flooding. That meant it was an enjoy the house day filled with drinking, puzzles, and relaxing. We finished our steak dinner at about 10 pm and I sipped on my last glass of wine till midnight. My alarm went off at 3 am and we got in our cab to SFO. Landed back in Denver at 11 am and went straight into the office.

You only live once am I right?

I don’t want to read your post what should I know?

  • Go to Sonoma rain or shine
  • Be prepared for a wait at Russian River Brewing–except if the worst storm in 10 years is coming





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