Let’s Go To The Beach Havana Style

Like I have been saying, and I am sure you hear me say it again, Cuba offers its tourist two things: culture and relaxation. On day three in Havana we made sure to spend a majority of it at Playa Santa Maria. This beach is about 30 minutes outside of Havana and we spent about 30 CUCs per cab per way to get there (yes we were overcharged for our cabs 30 both ways would have been correct). As you can see it was beautiful, warm, and great water to swim in. We didn’t see any locals though because it was December and to them this beautiful scene was too cold.

We enjoyed lunch just off the beach at a little restaurant and it was awesome. Make sure to not stop at the first couple of restaurants that you see; if you walk a little further out you will find better food. I would suggest getting the fried chickenโ€”not your typical beach food but hey you are on vacation and it was amazing!

I donโ€™t want to read your post what should I know?

  • Playa Santa Maria is a good beach to visit that is about 30 minutes outside of Havana
  • Stay there for lunch but don’t stop at the closest restaurants walk a little further for better options



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