The Sister’s 30th Birthday Surprise in Mexico!

This past weekend we surprised my sister with a trip to Mexico for her 30th birthday! My brother in law was determined for this to be a surprise of her lifetime and came up with a genius plan. We had always told her she needed to take two days off of work so we tried to through her off to think maybe we were hanging around town. We told her we were going to brunch and hid our bags and hers that John packed in the back of the car. We headed out for “brunch” and ended up at the airport, she was very surprised. He then held on to her boarding pass and told TSA about the surprise so they didn’t tell her and we could keep the surprise going a little bit longer. We then decided to go to a gate that was kind of a boring destination to her, we picked Dallas since she goes there at least once a month for work. She seemed confused when we told her Dallas but of course happy we were doing something. Next we headed to grab a drink at the bar and our friends were there! She had no idea more people were coming and we finally told her we were headed to Cabo and she was so excited! Surprise success!aWe stayed at El Encanto Villas in San José del Cabo and as you can see it was absolutely gorgeous. We drank and lounged and enjoyed lots of tacos. If you go don’t miss Taqueira Rossy, it was amazing!!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • Visit San José del Cabo for a relaxing vacation just outside of the more touristy Cabo San Lucas
  • Get tacos as Taqueira Rossy
  • Got to La Pratrona Restaurant for fancy dinner out!

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Kara. You’re as beautiful as ever. Great sister and great hubby! Looks like it was a BIG success!

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