The Month I Baked A lot of Birthday Cakes

The month of February was a busy baking month due to all the birthdays of those near and dear to my heart. I found myself at least once a week up at 6 am before work to bake and found myself again carrying a cake on a plane. Below are all my creations! And please no more birthday’s for a few more months…just kidding you know I love any excuse to bake a cake!

For my brother in law I made Julia Child’s chocolate almond cake, for my best friend Allegra I made a berry vanilla cake, for my roommate Sarena who just moved back from London I made honey chamomile cupcakes, for my friend who was visiting I made a sacher torte, and for Kara I made a strawberry chiffon shortcake!

I don’t want to read your post what should I know?

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