The Best Irish Stew to Make on St. Patty’s Day

Top of the morning to you!

It is one my most favorite day’s of they year, St Patty’s Day! Get your green on and grab your dark beers for a glorious day. Then head back home and make this irish stew, simple and delicious and o’ so Irish (When you read this imagine it being said by someone with a terrible Irish accent, I am working on it)!

New York Times – Irish Lamb Stew

Our adaptions to the Irish Stew

  • We cut the recipe in half and it still made plenty
  • We added minced garlic to the pan while we browned the meat, VERY IMPORTANT
  • For the liquid, we put in half the chicken stock and then used Black Shirt Brewing Fourtrack Porter for the other half
  • Mixed the yukon gold potatoes, carrots, and onion all together with oil, salt, and pepper first and let sit while browning the meat

I don’t want to read your post what should I know

  • Make this Irish stew because it is easy and really tasty
  • Follow our adaptions above to make it better – beer is added!




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