What To Do To Get Outside Of The City Of Trinidad

After exploring the city of Trinidad you should get outside of it and find a waterfall. Javira Waterfall is about a twenty five minute cab ride outside of the city and should not be missed. Once in the national park you have to do a short relatively easy hike (there are a few inclines, but we were still able to do these in flip flops). The hike was about two miles and took about 45minutes to get to. As you can see it was beautiful. The water as clear and crisp and you can swim right up and under the waterfall. You can also cliff jump there as well up to almost 40 feet. The boys did the 15ish foot jump, please be careful.

Also make sure you make time to get to Playa Ancón.

Most blogs suggest biking there but we may have slept in too late/been a little to hungover from our night out, blog post on this to come! It is 12km to the beach, so I am sure it would have been great but we just weren’t that ambitious, we instead took a cab which was about 8 CUC per way.

The beach is heavenly and so calm. Perfect place to nurse a hangover.

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • Make sure to visit Javira Waterfall; 25 minutes outside of Trinidad and a 45 minute easy hike
  • Visit Playa Ancón, for a relaxing lovely beach day



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