Out of Office – Walk in the Gaudi Park

Last week I spent four days in Barcelona with 47 teachers in training to take students abroad. These teachers are incredible and and are helping to open their student’s eyes to the incredible world of travel. I had a guided tour of La Sagrada Familia which I would highly suggest; there is so much to learn. I went to Montserrat for the first time and heard the boy’s choir sing. We had fabulous oysters and cava at El Nacional Barcelona and enjoyed Parc Guell in the rain. It was a perfect out of office week!

I don’t want to ready our post, what should I know?

  • When visiting La Sagrada Familia get a guided tour, it is worth it
  • Visit El Nacional for oysters, cava, cheese, ham!! DON’T MISS THIS!
  • Visit Barcelona, the end!

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