The Coolest Club in a Cave in Cuba!

Aaron’s birthday fell on one of days that we were in Trinidad so we knew we wanted to go outโ€”and we had heard there was a club in a cave so we knew we wanted to go out. Our Airbnb family made us a fancy grilled lobster dinner and then also had a local Cuban artist serenade us. We enjoyed rum at our house and shared the BSB beer we had brought from colorado with them; they thought it was a little stronger than the Bucanero we had been drinking. Then we headed to the club. Disco Ayala was the coolest place I have ever gone out. You literally walked down into a cave and then there was a massive party going on. DJ stands up built into the rocks and the best salsa happening right before your eyes. Then add $10 bottle service and you really realize this is the best place in the world!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • For the best night life in Trinidad go to Disco Ayala
  • For an more casual night, enjoy drinks on the steps of Casa de la Musica


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