The Best Way to Explore Southern Iceland

Iceland is amazing.

It is such an incredible country with so much to explore, climb, soak in, you name it! And we gave ourselves three days to do it. I wouldn’t suggest three days only but I would suggest everything else we did.

We rented a camper from GO Camper and that was awesome. It was the perfect way to see as much possible during the day and then have a convenient bed wherever the day ended versus driving to a hotel. Aaron and I flew separate since my flight was through work and we found him an awesome deal on WOW air, so once we reunited in KEF the party started! We hoped on the Flybus with Dunkin Donuts airport coffee headed to the camper. Once in our camper and found our lost cell phone that one of us, cough Aaron cough, left on the bus we hit the grocery store! Got some food to cook on our little gas stove and set out on the open road.

We decided to explore the south of Iceland since it was March and in the north the road conditions weren’t as great and could have caused problems. We didn’t have a real plan, but a few ideas of things we wanted to see and that we wanted to cover a lot of ground on day one. Our first stop was Skógafoss; ross means waterfall in Icelandic. We climbed the stairs up to the lookout and enjoyed the incredible views and weather. We were given a perfect sunny day. We then continued to drive on to Vik where we stopped to enjoy the beauty of the black sand beach and enjoy sandwichs by the church sitting on the hill above the city— as you can see the view wasn’t shabby.

We then hit the road to go to Glacier Lagoon, which would be the farthest east we wanted to go. Glacier Lagoon was so beautiful it deserves its own post.

I don’t want to read you post, what should I know?

  • Take the Flybus from KEF to get to Go Campers really easily
  • Rent form Go Campers
  • Stop to see
  • Enjoy a few hours in Vik to explore the black sand beach and the views



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