How To Explore Reykjavik For An Evening

After our amazing dip, we had to head back to Reykjavik. We stopped at Gulfoss as our last waterfall and had to make it really quick, literally running, because we had to return the camper by 4 pm.We then checked into our Aibnb in downtown Reykjavik and got all cleaned up to hit the town. I had an early morning flight to head to Barcelona so we only really had a night to explore and we had 10:30 pm dinner reservations at Grillmarkaðurinn (The Grill Market) (The Grill Market).

We started by walking around and up to the church, Hallgrímskirkja, and then to explore the city. We decided to walk down to see the water and head to probably my most favorite part of our evening, Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, which translates to the best hotdog in town.

The hot dogs are made with mostly lamb and some beef and pork, which makes them amazing.

Hot dogs are pretty much the unofficial food of Iceland—only part of the reason why I loved Iceland. We got the one with everything which meant it was topped with ketchup, a sweet mustard called pylsusinnep, remoulade, and fried and raw onions. This dog lasted maybe one minute. This was an appetizer for us, but for others I would suggest two!

We then headed to Bryggjan Brugghus Bistro & Brewery which is Iceland’s first microbrewery. Aaron brought two cans of Black Shirt Beer and gave them to the bartender. After learning that Aaron was a brewer we got a private tour and taste of their porter that is still in the making. After a few beers here and mussels, we headed to Mikkeller & Friends for a pre dinner beer. Located in a beautiful old house in Reykjavik you should stop by just to see the beautiful and colorful interior.

We made our way to Grillmarkaðurinn and decided to go big, to get the tasting menu with the wine pairing, which consisted of six dishes and wines. The restaurant was beautiful and the food was delicious. We got to try whale fish and loved the ambiance but we would not suggest this to others. Though we had a great meal it was not worth the money. I would still suggest the restaurant but not the tasting menu.

With full bellies we left and headed for a nightcap before calling in a night in beautiful Reykjavik.

Iceland we loved you, and can’t wait to come back!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • Make sure to visit Reykjavik, even just for an evening
  • Eat at least one hot dog, I suggest going to Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur; translation “best hot dogs in town”
  • Visit the first microbrewery in Iceland, Bryggjan Brugghus Bistro & Brewery, good place for an appetizer
  • Stop in at Mikkeller & Friends for a beer and the beautiful decoration
  • Don’t get the tasting menu at  Grillmarkaðurinn, not worth the money

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