Wining and Dining in Sante Fe!

The final stop on our three day road trip was to Sante Fe. Instead of camping we stepped it up a notch and got a hotel. We stayed at the La Posada de Santa Fe. We first stopped in for an awesome meal at The Shed where I got the Taco Plate Christmas style; with red and green chile. Great food, margs, and beers got us in the mood for the pool and we spent the rest of our afternoon there.

Our next spot was Meow Wolf. Which is called the “House of Eternal Return” and is an “explorable immersive art installation.” โ€” it was trippy. Advice is to wear clothes you can crawl around in because they are not lying when say explorable. It is a huge warehouse with a house inside that you walk through and try to understand what happened to the family who lived there. Check it out!

We ended the night at Cafe Pasqual’s due to multiple recommendations. The meal was great and we had a fun time but it was expensive. Due to the cost we are not sure if we would go again. We had a chilled avocado pea soup as a stater that was seriously awesome; creamy, sweet and cool! For our mains we got the grilled skirt steak carne asada tacos and green chile enchiladas. The enchiladas were cheesy and everything was delicious but like I said the $27 price tag on the enchiladas seemed a bit high.

The next day we wondered around the city and then ate some more. We had breakfast at Modern General, donuts at WHOOS Donutsย  and then hit up Second Street Brewery on the way out for beers and nachos.

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know

  • Visit Sante Fe!
  • Check out Meow Wolf for a few hours of fun-wear clothes you can explore in
  • Eat at The Shed for lunch
  • Cafe Pasqual’s is good but expensive so make sure you are prepared to spend a decent amount of money
  • Get the blueberry lavender blue corn doughnut fromWHOOS Donuts


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