When In Cape Town Get High

The plan for the “big adventure” moment in Cape Town was to go shark cage diving.

We were pumped. We were preparing for the cold waters. We were ready for Jaws like moments. We were excited for the Instagram moments!

After landing in Cape Town and I turned on my phone in the airport and received an email that said, “thank you for canceling your reservation.” WHAT!?! I found another email and it said, “due to weather we are not going out on the water tomorrow and have canceled your reservation and refunded you in full.” NOOOOOOOOOO.

We called the office and they explained that they would not be going back out on the water till Friday and it was Sunday. We only had Monday and Tuesday as free options to do this activity so we were bummed. We immediately thought lets find another company who is riskier and going out on the water—safety first. At the hotel the concierge helped and called around and we received the same answer. Some were going out on Wednesday but that would be too late. Darn!

Instead of hitting the waters with the great whites we decided to hit the sky and go paragliding. My friend Shanna made the suggestion and I was very skeptical. I have a fear of heights. My sister just went skydiving and this is the worst news ever because now I have to go—I can’t let her beat me in “coolness”. I wasn’t pumped and was more nervous for this than to swim with the sharks but I signed up.

We were paragliding with The Tandem Flight Company off of Signal Hill. When we arrived my fears subsided substantially. I thought we would be jumping off a cliff, but really we ran off the hill and it was gradual and awesome! It cost $115 for a 15 minute ride and the GoPro photos and video. It was relaxing and I think the first step for me to prepare for skydiving!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • I would suggest shark cage diving, but if you can’t go paragliding
  • Go paragliding off of Signal Hill, so amazing
  • If you are looking for a fun adventure but not too scary, go paragliding
  • Go with The Tandem Flight Company, they were great!




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