The Perfect Day In Cape Town

Cape Town is an amazing city that I loved exploring.

What I really loved about it was that you could turn the corner and the city would be completely different. You could be walking down the city street and then find yourself in colorful Bo-Kaap or walk down to the water and explore the V&A Waterfront—all of which I suggest you explore.

We got to spend a day in Bo-Kaap which is the Malay Quarter that was established in 1844 that sits at the base of Signal Hill. This is the Islamic Quarter and one of the oldest parts of Cape Town and it is just so beautiful with all the colorful buildings. We had a Malay cooking class here which was so fun and of course delicious from all the spices!

You should also spend some time at V&A Waterfront! It is a more touristy area that is very developed but one thing that should not be missed here is the oysters. The South African oysters were seriously some of the best I have ever had and they were cheap!

I went out with a friend in South Africa, who I had met on the plane, and we went to a few spots. The first was called Yours Truly, located on Kloof street this was a hipsters dream. Trendy spot but good for drinks with friends. Then we went to Arcade, which gave us the opportunity to dance and finished the night really going hard at Club 31.

Like the title says, this is the perfect Cape Town day.

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • Walk around Cape Town and get lost!
  • Don’t miss Bo-Kaap, check out the spice shops!
  • V&A Waterfront is a cool area that has awesome oysters—all spots I had oysters at were amazing!
  • Looking for a night out start at Yours Truly on Kloof Street, then head to Arcade
  • If you are looking for a party late night head to Club 31

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