Hanging with South African Penguins!

In Cape Town, my group had a day where we went south and hung out on the coast.

We filled our day with boat time, coast time, and sea creatures. We took the Garden Route, which is a coastal road up on the cliffs so you get incredible views!

The first stop was a boat ride down to Duiker Island which was pretty much just a rock island covered in seals—this is probably why its nickname is Sea Island. It was kind of smelly but a pretty sight of the waves crashing on the rocks.

Next stop was my favorite of the day, it was to Boulder Beach where we got to see lots of penguins! The African Penguins are the only type of penguin in Africa and though they can be found in Namibia and Port Elizabeth they are most commonly viewed in Boulder Beach. The populations of penguins used to be much higher but have fallen due to commercial fishing. Their food source being limited caused the bird to because an endangered species. Due to this there has been a focus on protecting the penguins. There is part of the beach that has boardwalks and has been made into a national park. You get to get close to the cute sharp looking birds.

The final stop of the day before heading back to Cape Town was Cape Point to see the views and the light house .The first light house was built in 1859 to warn ships of the most southern west point of the country.

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • Take a day trip out of Cape Town and head south!
  • Take the Garden Rout for great views!
  • Don’t miss the PENGUINS! Visit Boulder Beach!
  • Visit one of the points/light houses such as Cape Point


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