Being A Wino In Stellenbosch Is A Great Idea

If you are in South Africa you need to drink wine.

And you need to drink wine in Stellenbosch. The beauty of the area speaks for itself and is one of the top reasons to go but also because the area produces great wine that is cheap. I got a really good bottle of wine for about $7; yes you read that correctly.

South Africa is a big wine region and the granite mountains of the Stellenbosch area are about 600 million years old which is three times older than Napa. A few types of wine that you will find and you should seek out are Chenin Blanc and Pinotage.

We visited two wineries; Nethlingshof and Rickety Bridge. I would suggest these two but also visit more. I was with my group and they weren’t as big of winos as I hoped they would be, so don’t stop with just two.

We also visited the little town of Frasnchhoek, which is just adorable! Stop if you have time for a quick bite or need another beverage.

We finished our day of wine tasting at the Caledon Spa soaking in the natural hot springs.

Cheers to a prefect wine tasting day in South Africa.

I don’t want to read you post, what should I know?

  • Visit the Stellenbosch region wineries if you like wine!
  • Try some Chenin Blanc and Pinotage
  • Stop in Frasnchhoek if you have time!

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