NEW POST!!! Out of Office – A Roman Holiday

I had the pleasure of working in Rome over Veteran’s Day weekend.

I am a France girl. I want everything poulet, butter, and Julia Child-with these loves I have always been more France than Italy. This trip to Rome softened my cœur. I really enjoyed my time in Rome. I also realized how much I loved Europe in general in November. There is something about the dreary weather and WAY less tourist that makes the city so beautiful. Obviously, I also really got into the food. One of my favorite meals on the trip was at Ristorante Maccheroni. My sister went to this restaurant five years ago and has not stopped talking about the carbonara she had here. I knew when I was in Rome and had one free day where I would be heading.

I sat down at the restaurant and told the waiter why I was there, what I had come for, and how long I had been waiting for this meal…five years…no pressure. The restaurant was charming; glass windows around the kitchen so you can see them preparing your fresh house made pasta. The wine flowed while I started my meal with stracciatella cheese and truffle. The cheese was incredibly creamy and delicate and unlike what you typically think of truffle the flavor was balanced and complimented the delicate cheese versus overpowering it. Next came the carbonara. It was incredible; think thick al dente pasta and almost a scrambled egg texture that was buttery and salty from the pancetta. I decided this was my big night out so I finished the night with beef carpaccio. When in Rome stuff your face is my new motto. My friends and I ended the night dancing at Pimm’s Good in the Trastevere area.

I spent the week working with great coworkers and exploring the beautiful city and eating all the food. Artichokes were really a highlight of the trip! I had Roman style and Jewish style which are fried at Nonna Betta.

Rome I will be back for more!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • Trade Europe in June for Europe in November
  • Rome is an incredible city
  • When in Rome go to Ristorante Maccheroni and order the carbonara
  • Try all the artichokes!
  • For a night out go to the Trastevere area and head to Pimm’s Good


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