One Way to Celebrate the 4th…


Instead of doing something patriotic tomorrow I’m doing something that is unpatriotic—heading out of the country. With my new job at EF Tours I am headed overseas to experience our Dublin, London and Paris tour to get a better feel for our product. Since I’m over there I figured I should visit Scotland and Portugal as well. And as if going to Europe isn’t exciting enough my sister’s husband (weird saying that) just surprised me with an IPad. Now I’m more than ready to travel!!! I will keep you posted with photos along the way but a detailed post for each country will come when I get back. Hope everyone has a great July 4th tomorrow! I am heading out tonight to get my fix of fireworks now. Posting soon, from Scotland…

Since I didn’t have a July 4th recipe to post this year I figured I’d bring back last years since it was such at hit!

Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries


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