New Carrot Tradition

I am a sucker around the holidays for classic flavors—when its fall I’m pumpkin and when its winter I’m gingerbread. I was making a cake to take to my boyfriend’s family for Christmas day and my gingerbread cake got vetoed and carrot cake was suggested. I was very hesitant but I accepted his suggestion and found a carrot graham cake from Smitten Kitchen that I was excited to try. I will now say carrot cake will be my new Christmas dessert. It was awesome! So light and moist but still rich enough to be a winter dessert. I changed things up a little on the frosting; for her carrot cake it was a cream cheese frosting but for her gingerbread cake it was a mascarpone whipped cream frosting. I could not say no the mascarpone. Step away from the cream cheese with carrot cake and add the mascarpone; you will thank me later!

Carrot Cake Recipe

Mascarpone Whipped Frosting Reciper


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