Road Trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park

Instead of hopping on a plane to fly to a far away place we decided it was time for a road trip to explore what is in our backyard.

We packed up the car with beer and camping gear and hit the road for three days. The agenda was to visit the Sand Dunes, Taos, and Sante Fe.

The first stop was the Sand Dunes that were about four hours away. We camped right at campgrounds there and it was a beautiful night in my new tent under the stars. The next morning we got up and packed up and headed to the dunes to climb a little and take in the how incredible they are. The sand dunes that are the tallest sand dunes in North America are seated in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Back in the day the valley had glaciers flowing through which left a lake and rivers. Over time these evaporated and left sand deposits and due to winds blowing into the Sangre de Cristo Range sand was deposited on to the east edge. Repeat this a lot and then you have the beautiful sand dunes!

As you can see they are just incredible! Families posted up on the water side and enjoyed the heat and we headed a little further into play in the sand. Warning wear tennis shoes. I was the only smart one and followed the signs but the others wore sandals and their feet hurt.

Next stop Taos!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • If you live in Denver, explore in your car!
  • Head to the Great Sand Dunes National Park; four hours south
  • The Colorado Sand Dunes are the largest in North America
  • Created from glaciers forming lakes and rivers that evaporated and wind hitting the Sangre de Cristo Range
  • Wear tennis shoes!


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