Girls Weekend in Nola

In October my ladies and I headed to New Orleans for a girls weekend trip!

It was a college reunion; we all went to Michigan State University. Go Green!

Even though we went in October by golly was it still hot! I couldn’t believe it, very humid. We stayed in an Airbnb in the Garden District and we loved it!

The first stop in Nola was to Cafe du Monde. We went bright and early at about 8 am on a Friday so we didn’t experience any wait. We sat down and ordered beignets and cafe au lait. The piles of dough and powdered sugar galore came to our table and we devoured all of them. They are as good as you would expect. So soft and doughy and of course sweet. Also warning you can’t leave without half of the powder sugar being worn, but don’t fight it, I think that makes them even better.

We walked around and enjoyed being able to drink on the streets with a bloody Mary in hand. We took a cemetery tour and learned so much about Nola and how they bury their dead. Summary is that the body is put in the tomb and then in a year it decays and all that is left is the bones and those are pushed to the bottom and then there is space for more so the families can share the tombs. Also the don’t have above ground tombs because the city is below water level but because it was happening in Paris, at that time, and Paris is fashionable and they wanted to be too.

We had fabulous meals where we tried fired alligator at Cochon and also a amazing family style meal at Couqette. We of course enjoyed lots of oysters but that is a separate post!

We walked down Bourbon street with a hurricane in hand but as you can see from the pictures the street was under major construction so a little different than we expected.

The nights were filled with dancing on Frenchman or on the counters of our house.

Girl weekend reunions are the best!

I don’t want to read your post, what should I know?

  • GO to Nola, awesome city!
  • It is always hot and humid! Don’t forget this!
  • Go to Cafe du Monde early in the morning to miss the lines
  • Walk around town with a drink in hand! It is legal!
  • Walk down Bourbon street with a Hurricane
  • Dance the night away on Frenchman Street






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