NEW POST!! Westword-Twenty-Something for Twenty-Somethings: A Budget-Friendly Night at Cho77

With so many great restaurants to choose from, cash-strapped Denver newcomers — challenged with rising rents and skinny paychecks — are finding it hard to have a fun night out without blowing the bank. Twenty- Something for Twenty-somethings will help you find hot destinations where you can enjoy cutting-edge cuisine in a stylish setting — all within a  twenty-something budget ($29 or less per person). And you don’t need to be under thirty to take these recommendations; just be ready for a great eating adventure.

Walking into Cho77, you immediately feel the pulse of the restaurant, and not just because the bass is pumping. The vibe is contagious and exciting, as it should be for a fun night out — but what makes Cho77 different? There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that makes the place feel like a New York City restaurant with a natural hustle and bustle. Cho77 has an open design that draws your eyes to a brick wall decorated in graffiti art, as well as a community bar fronting an open kitchen where you can watch chefs cook up their creations.

The rest of the post with my suggestions…

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