Lowcountry Boil

All states have things that make them unique, from flowers to food.  That is one thing that I have grown to love about South Carolina, the southern food.  This is evident if you have been an avid follower, from my recent post.  Continuing with the trend; Charleston is in the lowcountry.  Being a city in the lowcountry aka on the water, you of course will have famous seafood dishes.  So with that the lowcountry boil was born.  It is basically a one pot wonder.  Throw in some shrimp, corn, peppers, onion, sausage, potatoes and old bay seasoning in a large pot and let it boil.  Its so fresh and delicious.  The onions and peppers are melt in your mouth tasty and the old bay seasoning of course does the trick for the perfect amount of spice. Put some newspaper on the tables and invite the friends over for a lowcountry boil party.

Serve it over rice and with cocktail sauce as a topping sauce and you will feel right at front porch Charleston sittin home.

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