Luck O’The Butter


When it comes to the wonderful holiday of St. Patty’s Day we all know the typical corned beef and cabbage, shepards pie and of course green beer.  But what I think that I have been missing out on the past years has really been the butter.  I’m serious, Irish butter is delicious and very important to the Irish. They even have a museum in Cork.  It has a higher butterfat content that gives it a richer, creamier flavor. They also say its due to the fact that the cows get to indulge on a daily basis on the lush Irish green countrysides and I agree, because it is just better.  I attempted this year to make it (without Irish grass fed cow creams) and it was so easy and awesome.  You just mix, set and whip and done!  You have the creamy, beautiful yellow butter to enjoy on the holiday. Make it even better by washing down a scone with this butter with a  green beer! Cheers!

Irish Butter recipe from Big Girls Small Kitchen












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